Blessed and Highly Favored

Doing well – sleep better – all my activities  with very little pain – better mental attiude – so I gotta say that I’ve been blessed

Don Marcus


I came to see Dr. Bates because my I had bi-lateral elbow pain and pinky finger numbness. I had completed chiropratic treatment elsewhere with no relief from my symptoms and, in fact, began feeling dizzy as well.

Dr. Bates was able to treat my symptoms effectively using the activator paired with exercises. In very short order, I was having less pain and numbness.

Before the course of my treatment was finished, I was already pain free and enjoying full mobility.

I believe that Dr. Bates has amazing educational training, but also a unique gift for listening her patients and treating them individually.  She is fully present and attentive to every move the body is making during the adjustment; it’s her gift. I’m grateful for the healing she has brought to my life.

Barbra Koehnlein

Pain Relief

I usually tolerate pain fairly well, but when my back and neck pain really started to get worse and more frequent, I decided to go to Dr. Bates.  I had back pain when walking uphill, when standing in one place for a long time, and when lifting heavy objects.  I also had neck and back pain when I sat at the computer for a long time. The pain would come and go, but it was getting more frequent and more intense.

After Dr. Bates’ adjustments and the many stretching exercises which I fathfully did at home, my back and neck pain is much less intense and not as frequent.  I am glad that I have exercises and monthly adjustments with Dr. Bates to keep me in a much-improved situation.

Mary Jean

Thanks Dr. Bates

Thanks to Dr. Bates, during her care, my migraines and pain in my neck and upper back (the reasons I consulted her for) improved tremendously. She is a fabulous doctor that truly cares about her patients well-being!


I Still Can Believe It!

Jan 2011, I could just barely walk and it is was a struggle to just get out of bed.  About five months prior my low back pain started and it did not get better but only intensified.    My wife, owns Nature’s Fresh Health Food Store across the street from Dr. Bates’ office and had met Dr. Bates.  She then recommended that I see Dr. Bates.  So I made made my first chiropractic appointment with Abundant Life Chiropractic.

After the first two weeks, the pain started to decrease.  I slept better and was able to get around better with my daily activities.

Presently I am pain free.  I still can’t believe it.   I am committed to keeping my spine healthy and come in for my monthly wellness checkup and am doing great.

I thank God and thank Dr. Bates.

Dominic Correlli

Pain free at last

I was having what I thought were sciatica pains in my left buttock and leg to the wake up at night level. I met Dr. Bates at Perry Hall Towne Faire and had a screening. I started treatments, and in three sessions the pain was radically improved. I can’t believe the improvement in just five months.

Greg Overcash

Chiropractic Helps

I have Arthritis in my right knee. I was told that my knee was like an old tie wearing out and eventually I would need a right knee replacement. I started working for Dr. Bates and she started adjusting my knee as well as my back and I am very happy to say that I went from having almost constant pain in my knee to 95% pain free.
If anyone has any injury or pain they should try chiropractic treatment it works.


True professional

Dr. Bates used her Chiropractic treatment plan to help end migraine headaches, and neck/spinal problems from auto accident and pain in my back, high & low, as well has my hip joints from a fall down the stairways. I also had a part as well. I followed her instruction, did the stretches, ball work and changed how I lifted, got into and out of the car, etc.

After the 12 weeks were completed I also elected to go on and have my knees treated and ended the constant ‘creaking’ & pain! I consider the treatment one of the better choices I have made for my health care. I had thought about and considered this Chiropractic help before, but always decided against it when I met the doctors… just did not trust anyone until I met Susanne, a true professional.


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